icons8-1-48Meet with GEM to discuss your event management needs

We will discuss your entire vision including destination options, event content, attendee demographics, and event goals.

icons8-2-48 (1)Let GEM do the legwork!

We will develop destination options and budgets to narrow down your choices.

icons8-3-48Experience your vision

Travel with a member of GEM to your destination options and experience the hotel/venue for yourself! Our team understands how important it is for you to vet your event location. Join us as we meet with the hotel/venue staff, taste the food, and get a true feel for how your event will run.

icons8-4-48Relax as GEM negotiates the best rates for your group

GEM has close relationships with hotels, venues, restaurants, destination management companies, and local transportation companies to negotiate prices and rates for your event.

icons8-5-48Work closely with us as we plan your event

Whether in person or over the phone, our team will meet with you regularly to discuss attendee registration and the entire event planning process.

icons8-6-48 Event implementation

Let our experienced travel staff work with the hotel/venue onsite to surpass your expectations and deliver an event that your attendees will remember for years to come.