Welcome Gifts | It’s All About the Experience

There is nothing quite like the feeling of the highly anticipated first day of an event – Arrival Day.

As attendees disembark their bus,
maui_jim_fitting1 the hotel lobby is full of
energy. People are greeting colleagues they haven’t seen since the previous year, some are accepting a cool, local cocktail from a hotel server, and others are booking excursions for the week ahead.

To keep the energy flowing, imagine a kiosk full of high-end, branded merchandise set up for each attendee to choose from. Custom Maui Jim Sunglasses are the perfect way to welcome everyone to a tropical destination.

Adorn in tropical, Hawaiian shirts, Maui Jim staff members set up a booth with dozen of styles for attendees to choose from.

These high-end gifts add another dimension to the event and complement the entire experience. They walk away with a new pair of sunglasses, enjoy them while sunbathing by the pool, and take them home as a fun reminder of the trip!

GEM designs a custom gift experience to fit any event and destination! A corporate ski trip in Colorado? How about a kiosk filled with high-end jackets, UGG slippers, and ski goggles? A customer retreat to the Napa Valley? How about company branded wine openers, picnic bags, and a selection of local products?

Custom gifts not only make each attendee feel valued, they are a reminder of the awesome experience they received from your company.

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