Creating a Strong Company Culture With Exceptional Events

If you were to send out an anonymous poll to your colleagues, how do you think they would rate your company’s culture?

Company Culture defines the environment within the workplace. An effective way to promote a healthy, positive atmosphere is to plan memorable events for your employees.

Global Event Management (GEM) works with companies to understand their unique vision and the goals that they have for their business.

Whether it is a week-day team building event at a local venue or an overnight employee retreat at a resort, our seasoned staff understands the importance of bringing employees together.

Check out some of our exceptional employee event ideas!

Mid-week Spa/Golf Day at a Local Resort

Treat your valued employees to a fun day hitting the links or a relaxing day at the spa. GEM will work with one of their many industry partners to plan an unforgettable day at a highly rated resort complete with celebrity treatment, a delicious lunch, and a unique gift to remember the day!

Fishing Trip and Outdoor Lunch

Nothing brings people together like some friendly competition! GEM will arrange all logistics for a fun-filled day on the water including boats/captains, team t-shirts, onboard snacks and beverages, and a lively after party where attendees can boast about their catch of the day!

Luxury Corporate Retreat

Relax, refresh, and re-energize your employees with a retreat away from the office. A few days at a beautiful resort is the perfect way to show appreciation for your employees and their hard work. Whatever the venue, the atmosphere should be relaxed and casual so employees feel comfortable and open to participating in group activities.

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