New Trend in Meetings: Wellness


As fitness and health become more and more popular in people’s every day life, wellness is also gaining popularity in the corporate event industry. Incorporating group exercise and meditation into your conference agenda can not only benefit your attendee’s experience, but it can also facilitate a more effective meeting.

Group exercise promotes teamwork and camaraderie among attendees

By pressing “pause” on your meeting content and taking a short wellness break, you are doing more than just getting your attendee’s blood flowing. Allowing your attendees to laugh together during a quick Zumba dance session or silently meditate together helps to create stronger, more personal relationship among colleagues.

Eliminates distractions and boosts focus

Lee Papa, accomplished Speaker, Trainer, Transformational Advisor and Author,  has helped support thousands of individuals on their path to mindfulness, emotional and physical well-being. In regards to corporate groups, Papa believes that meditation returns focus to the main conference objective and only requires a short investment of time to do so. In a 20-minute session, it is powerful how much can be obtained in such a short time: an intro to a mindfulness subject relating to the mind, body, or spirit, then a guided meditation, and returning peaceful, refreshed, and centered.” Such an experience, Papa says, returns the attendee to the meeting “in alignment for more inspired thought, clarity, and leading life from a place of flow with ease and grace.”

Creates clarity and generates fresh ideas

Sometimes it can be difficult to think of new ideas in a forced environment like a hotel ballroom. By stepping away from the meeting space, attendees are able to think more clearly, allowing new ideas to flow freely.

Encourages effective communication

Not only does group exercise and meditation allow for easier communication among attendees, these programs help individuals to communicate more directly in the workplace. By taking time to clear one’s mind, attendees are more able to consolidate their thoughts and communicate more deliberately and effectively. Papa states, “The pre-programmed beliefs [about limitations] and self-doubt talk are replaced with powerful affirmative statements that lead you to the positive outcome.” 

Assists in better sleep habits while traveling

Usually while at an event, attendees deviate from their normal sleeping and meal routine. Sometimes, people travel through different time zones and are affected by fatigue and jetlag. Exercise and mediation can ease these common issues and promote better thinking throughout the event.

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