Celebrating Small Successes



I recently read an article on how the fate of your company is determined by the way you treat your employees. They listed four different traps that leaders may fall into and the one that resonated the most was the “taskmaster” trap. This describes the leader that is only focused on the big picture and does not celebrate the small wins along the way.

If a leader ignores these types of successes then they miss a chance to inspire their workers.  Motivating and inspiring your workers will motivate them to take care of your customers. When your customers are taken care of then your business will succeed.

What does this have to do with event planning?  Think about it.  You may not want to celebrate a small win with a week-long incentive trip to the Caribbean for all your employees, but why not a weekend retreat? There are many local places that can host a company retreat with team building activities. Retreat not your style?  How about going to a local sporting event and enjoying drinks after? Your employees will see that you care and will keeping winning for the company.

There are a number of ways that you can celebrate the small successes and GEM is here to help. We should all live by Richard Branson’s words “don’t forget to celebrate achievements and have some fun while doing so.”

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