5 Reasons Site Visits are Crucial to your Event’s Success

No matter how many events we plan, we always find great importance in visiting the venue or hotel during the planning process. Even if we have planned an event at that particular space before, revisiting the property is vital to the success of the program.


By experiencing the property in person, you are able to bounce back ideas that you may never have thought of by looking at pictures on the hotel’s website. While on a site visit in Key West, we were amazed by the cotton candy pink sky that appeared at sunset. These magnificent colors were the inspiration to our tropical Welcome Reception which we decorated with soft pinks and bright turquoise accents – perfectly complimenting the picturesque sky. “The linens match the sunset!” we over heard one attendee exclaim, why yes, yes they do.

You’ll discover problems

Walking the space allows you to get a feel for the flow of the event. Maybe the walk from your attendee’s guest rooms to the Award’s Dinner venue is under construction and a complete eye sore. You may reconsider where you have the dinner or create custom signage that directs attendees a different, more aesthetically pleasing route.

Planning will be easier

After seeing the space, you will go back to your office and breathe a sigh of relief as you realize it is so much easier to plan an event after seeing the venue in person. Instead of guessing where your group of 100 attendees will gather to take a group photo, you will have scouted it out yourself, snapped a photo, and confirmed that there is enough space for the group, the background is pretty for the photo, and the sun shining in the right direction at the time of the photo opp.

Client Relationships

Site visits are a great way for you to get to know your client, their vision, and the little details that will make your event shine. Walking the space together allows you to collaborate on ideas and get a true feeling for how your client imagines the event. You’ll be able to get detailed answers to your long list of questions instead of the impersonal responses that tend to reside in email communication.

Site Visits are FUN!

Lastly, visiting the property with your client is FUN! Not only do you develop a better relationship with the hotel/venue staff, but you get to enjoy the company of your client on a more personal level. This makes for a more enjoyable experience throughout the duration of the planning process.

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