New Trend in Meetings: Wellness


As fitness and health become more and more popular in people’s every day life, wellness is also gaining popularity in the corporate event industry. Incorporating group exercise and meditation into your conference agenda can not only benefit your attendee’s experience, but it can also facilitate a more effective meeting.

Group exercise promotes teamwork and camaraderie among attendees

By pressing “pause” on your meeting content and taking a short wellness break, you are doing more than just getting your attendee’s blood flowing. Allowing your attendees to laugh together during a quick Zumba dance session or silently meditate together helps to create stronger, more personal relationship among colleagues.

Eliminates distractions and boosts focus

Lee Papa, accomplished Speaker, Trainer, Transformational Advisor and Author,  has helped support thousands of individuals on their path to mindfulness, emotional and physical well-being. In regards to corporate groups, Papa believes that meditation returns focus to the main conference objective and only requires a short investment of time to do so. In a 20-minute session, it is powerful how much can be obtained in such a short time: an intro to a mindfulness subject relating to the mind, body, or spirit, then a guided meditation, and returning peaceful, refreshed, and centered.” Such an experience, Papa says, returns the attendee to the meeting “in alignment for more inspired thought, clarity, and leading life from a place of flow with ease and grace.”

Creates clarity and generates fresh ideas

Sometimes it can be difficult to think of new ideas in a forced environment like a hotel ballroom. By stepping away from the meeting space, attendees are able to think more clearly, allowing new ideas to flow freely.

Encourages effective communication

Not only does group exercise and meditation allow for easier communication among attendees, these programs help individuals to communicate more directly in the workplace. By taking time to clear one’s mind, attendees are more able to consolidate their thoughts and communicate more deliberately and effectively. Papa states, “The pre-programmed beliefs [about limitations] and self-doubt talk are replaced with powerful affirmative statements that lead you to the positive outcome.” 

Assists in better sleep habits while traveling

Usually while at an event, attendees deviate from their normal sleeping and meal routine. Sometimes, people travel through different time zones and are affected by fatigue and jetlag. Exercise and mediation can ease these common issues and promote better thinking throughout the event.

How Much Coffee Should I Order?


As a meeting planner, and a huge foodie, one of my favorite parts of the event planning process is choosing the menu. I like coming up with new combinations to spice up the standard continental breakfast without breaking the bank.

One problem I am constantly running into at hotel after hotel is the price for a gallon of coffee which can range from $65.00 to $130.00 (yes you read that correctly). Everyone wants coffee but not for the coffee price. I find myself constantly wondering, “How much coffee should I order?” or as I more commonly refer to the question, “How much coffee should I $*%&@#! order?”

The most logical explanation is MATH because the first step to ordering is figuring out the breakdown of cups per gallon. (If you are like me, you loathe math and became a meeting planner because someone somewhere once joked that meeting planners never need to know math. This topic is for a different blog, but I am sorry, they lied to you).

In one gallon of coffee there are roughly 16 cups. So if each person has one cup of coffee, just divide the number of attendees by 16 cups to figure out how many gallons to order. Seems easy, right? WRONG. The problem is, not everyone has one cup of coffee.

In my daily struggle to answer this question I decided to put math aside and really pay attention to the attendees habits at events. I began to notice trends in the coffee breaks that have since helped me in my planning.

In the morning it is better to have more coffee than not enough. Breakfast coffee can also be used until the morning break without needing to be refreshed. A good rule of thumb for the morning is to order coffee for 85% of the group. At 30 minutes before the break, check the coffee and speak with your banquet captain or catering company about having another gallon ready just in case. When the break is over, take the coffee station away and have sodas, waters, and juices out for lunch based on consumption. If you have a high F&B Minimum, these other drinks will help you reach your minimum (if you balked at coffee per gallon you do not want to know the price of a hotel Orange Juice). If guests want coffee during lunch, they can visit the hotel coffee shop or step off property to hit a local coffee spot.

When you order coffee for the afternoon break, keep in mind this information from Psychology Today’s article, “New Details on Caffeine Sleep Disrupting Effects.” According to their research, “The average adult should stop drinking coffee at 2:00 PM in order to avoid issues with falling asleep.” This doesn’t mean that no one wants a little afternoon jolt, but it is safe to assume that only 40-50% of the group will be needing another cup. A great substitute for your afternoon break is to have a variety of tea options available.

I will continue to try my best to order that happy medium but as the prices for coffee continue to rise and the ratio of coffee to tea drinkers on any given day is still an unknown factor, I think I will continue to be left with the question, “How much coffee do you $*%&@#! order?”

Hotel Spotlight: Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress

This is a one of a kind resort in Orlando, Florida. From being greeted with a friendly smile as soon as you step into the hotel to receiving a glass of crisp champagne upon check-in, this hotel goes above and beyond to make every guest feel special.

Believe it or not, this was not our original contracted hotel for our conference. Due to Hurricane Irma, we had to switch hotels one day before our attendees were to check-in. While this last minute change might seem stressful, the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress worked overtime to make sure our move was seamless. We could not have pulled this off without the Hyatt’s wonderful sales manager and convention services manager.

The meeting space is massive, bright, and modern and can accommodate multiple groups at one time. It has reader boards throughout the hotel, making it easy for attendees to find their group. The entire event staff is very attentive and makes sure all requests are answered quickly and efficiently.

Now on to the important stuff: food. The hotel has multiple options to grab something to eat. From a grab and go marketplace with Starbucks coffee (which is always a hit for conference attendees!), to a poolside snack bar, to an awesome sushi restaurant, this hotel has it all. Our team especially enjoyed Hemingways, an upscale restaurant with amazing paella and shrimp scampi with fried green tomatoes – YUM! The best part? We did not have one bad meal or drink during our entire stay. Win!

Overall, this is a great property to hold a conference (as well as a place to extend a vacation). At only 20 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes from Disney, there are many perks about the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress. We hope to be back soon!

Destination Spotlight | The Grand Canyon

Only a short drive from Las Vegas, Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Sedona, the Grand Canyon is a unique destination that your employees will remember for years to come. How fun is it to say, “My company took me to see one of the 7 Wonders of the World!”

While the Grand Canyon is known for its breathtaking scenery, this landmark offers more than just a spectacular photo backdrop. Attendees can enjoy remarkable day excursions including private helicopter tours, white water rafting, canyon day hikes, and gourmet dining under the stars.


Just a few hours from several major airports, GEM will arrange private, luxury transfers to/from the Grand Canyon.


From a charming rustic stay at Bright Angel Lodge and its surrounding cabins to this historical Phantom Ranch located at the bottom of the canyon, the Grand Canyon offers plenty of unique lodging options for corporate groups.

Things to do

  • Horseback riding on the ranch
  • White water rafting on the Colorado River
  • Bicycling
  • Bird Watching & Wildlife Viewing
  • Fishing
  • Hiking – 100+ miles of premier hiking trails
  • Historical Sites, Museums & Galleries
  • Mule Rides
  • Nature Walks
  • Native American Performances & Music
  • Stargazing – Grand Canyon National Park is famous for it’s night skies!
  • Train rides on Grand Canyon Railway


Attendees can enjoy local, Southwestern fare at many different restaurant options in the Canyon. Delight in signature dishes like the Prime Rib Hash or Bison Short Ribs, all in a charming setting overlooking breathtaking scenery.

Contact GEM to create a one-of-a-kind event experience for your employees.

Creating a Strong Company Culture With Exceptional Events

If you were to send out an anonymous poll to your colleagues, how do you think they would rate your company’s culture?

Company Culture defines the environment within the workplace. An effective way to promote a healthy, positive atmosphere is to plan memorable events for your employees.

Global Event Management (GEM) works with companies to understand their unique vision and the goals that they have for their business.

Whether it is a week-day team building event at a local venue or an overnight employee retreat at a resort, our seasoned staff understands the importance of bringing employees together.

Check out some of our exceptional employee event ideas!

Mid-week Spa/Golf Day at a Local Resort

Treat your valued employees to a fun day hitting the links or a relaxing day at the spa. GEM will work with one of their many industry partners to plan an unforgettable day at a highly rated resort complete with celebrity treatment, a delicious lunch, and a unique gift to remember the day!

Fishing Trip and Outdoor Lunch

Nothing brings people together like some friendly competition! GEM will arrange all logistics for a fun-filled day on the water including boats/captains, team t-shirts, onboard snacks and beverages, and a lively after party where attendees can boast about their catch of the day!

Luxury Corporate Retreat

Relax, refresh, and re-energize your employees with a retreat away from the office. A few days at a beautiful resort is the perfect way to show appreciation for your employees and their hard work. Whatever the venue, the atmosphere should be relaxed and casual so employees feel comfortable and open to participating in group activities.